Sir Lany Brothers

2012 - 2013
Some music and video material collected in the short period of Sir Lany's life.

Peanut Plan Gallery

2006 - 2011
That was something.
Does anybody remember the good times and that limitless success?

rest room

2002 - 2005
A glimpse from the past.
Well, good old times. I just keep this one as a reference to my good old webdesigner days, directing the attention also to the "old pages" link at the bottom.



Well, the name says it all.
This page is dedicated to the peace in Europe.

The SonaTunnel

Got something to tell anyone?
This page was created as a students project to support chatting on a central place about current stuff during lectures without the necessity of an account. It also could keep the noise level in freshmen semesters down.


A small sideline project.
I put this page together real quick for the local team of our waterball heros - If you're around, you should show up and give it a try.